Why visit Lombok?

Our top 5 reasons to visit Lombok and frequently asked questions about Lombok, Indonesia.

Known as the little sister of Bali,  Lombok is coming into its own as a destination for adventure, glorious scenery, and a unique flavour of Indonesian culture; it is often compared to the Bali of yesteryear.  We are often asked why travellers should choose Lombok for their next holiday destination, so we have compiled 5 reasons to visit Lombok.  


1.  Amazing beaches

Let's start with the most obvious one; the beaches in Lombok are stunning.  There is beach after beach,  scattered around the entire coastline.  The two main areas are South (Kuta and surrounds)  and North (Senggiggi/Gili Islands), but you would be unwise not to explore further. 

2. Fascinating Sasak Culture

Indonesia is renowned for being a country spread over thousands of islands stretching thousands of kilometers.  The spice trade over the last several centuries allowed Indonesia to develop Unity In Diversity, which is the national motto.  This is evident in each island having a distinct culture with languages, personality and ways of life.

Sasak Culture often gets a bad rap in Indonesia because of their percieved harsh exterior.  The reality is like all Indonesians they are humorous, caring, always generous and show genuine interest in guests to their island.


3.   Waterfalls and Volcanoes

These 2 speak for themselves.  Who doesn't love a secluded waterfall, deep in the lush jungle, with cool refreshing swimming holes.  Perfect after your 2 or 3 day hike to climb to the top of Mount Rinjani.  At an impressive 3,726m high, the second highest volcanoe in Indonesia is not to be taken lightly.  The last eruption was in 2016, but don't worry, it didn't cause to much trouble!


4.   Adventure, Adventure, Adventure

Whats your tipple?  If its all about the water for you, then you have hit the jackpot. Kitesurfing, surfing, diving, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, fishing and sailing are plentiful.  If you're a land lubber, trekking, mountain biking, jungle walks, and cultural experiences await you.  Or maybe your idea of a tropical holiday doesn't stretch beyond lying on a stunning beach with an occasional dip in the waters with a cocktail in hand -  well, the Gili Islands have that under control too.  In short, Lombok offers something for everyone. 



5.  Location

People often ask "where is Lombok?"

Situated right next to Bali, it is a mere 20 minute flight from the Denpasar Bali airport, at an average cost of a bucket of beer!  You really do not have time to even stretch your legs before the 'refasten seatbelt for landing' announcement is made!  As well as that, the Lombok Praya Airport is international, so there are less and less excuses not to jump on a plane and hop over. If you want more adventure, take the ferry across, which involves a few hours drive up the Eastern Bali coastline followed by a 4 hour ferry ride over to Lombok.  






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